Get A Free Estimate on Any Roof Repair or Replacement Project!

When the roof on your Austin-area home has been damaged by water, wind, hail or just aging, call the roofing experts at Freccia Group to get fast repairs.

We can help you with both your asphalt or metal roof on your home or business:

• Emergency water removal
• Mold remediation
• Commercial roofing
• Metal roofing
• Residential roofing
• Roofing repairs
• Roof replacement
• Cracked roof
• Flashing leaks
• Insurance claims

Whether your roof was damaged or you’re just looking to upgrade as part of your home renovation, call us. If you notice water damage in your ceiling caused by a leaking roof, call us to get it fixed now to prevent more costly damage later.

Roof leaks can be caused by:

Cracked or Weak Flashing: The thin pieces of metal mounted in the corners and joints on your roof are called flashing. They’re designed as barriers and to channel water into your gutters or to flow down into a certain area of your yard. Over time, this metal can corrode and wear down. Or, if they weren’t fastened properly, they can leak.

Wind Damage: The winds in Austin are notorious for causing damage either by blowing your shingles or flashing off your roof or blowing debris on to your roof. Wind damage can really reek havok on a poorly installed roof.

Water and Hail Damage: When storms roll in, they can bring rain, hail, snow or ice with them. When snow and ice (which isn’t common, but an issue in early 2021) form on roofs, they add extra weight which could a tipping point for weaker structures.