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5 Benefits of Pre-Construction Planning

Construction projects come with many challenges and difficulties, so it’s important to take a proactive approach to them to ensure that you complete the job right, on time and within budget. Many builders conveniently ignore the pre-construction phase and regret it later. We want to help you avoid this mistake and run a successful project.

It’s crucial to get all the planning done in advance to bring your project to a close and leave all stakeholders happy. This involves preliminary planning to get the project scope into perspective.

Here are five proven benefits of pre-construction planning services that can help you run your project right:

1. Clarity

You must have specific goals and objectives in mind when starting a construction project. To achieve them, you must convey your vision to the contractors and other stakeholders involved from the beginning. Pre-construction planning services help define the project scope and create a reasonable timeline to ensure clarity and transparency, leading to better results.

2. Budgeting

Better clarity can significantly improve the budgeting process. Pre-construction planning services allow you to set an accurate budget and make changes before the project’s inception. Precise cost estimation will result in better financial management and be helpful when you apply to secure funding from a bank or third-party lender. With the rising cost of materials such as lumber, budget planning is more important than ever. Many builders are having to write in surcharge agreements to cover their overhead should the cost of materials skyrocket.

3. Troubleshooting

It’s important to troubleshoot anticipated issues before the construction project starts. You can learn about many factors like permit requirements, capacity and soil regulations, scheduling problems, etc., and address all these issues preemptively so that the project goes smoothly and finishes on time.


A group of architects having a meeting in the office.

4. Error Prevention

A clear and well-designed pre-construction plan can minimize the chances of errors and mistakes during the construction process. It serves as a roadmap that highlights potential issues and detailed instructions for the project execution phase, which significantly reduces the risk of rework, saving time and resources.

5. Higher Return

Using pre-construction planning services to take a proactive approach toward your construction project can cut down costs and minimize mistakes that lead to unnecessary expenses, maximizing your ROI.

At Freccia Group, we offer reliable pre-construction planning services in Central Texas. We’re a leading commercial building contractor in Round Rock. Our professionals can help manage your construction project as well as building and design a new project. Visit our website to check out our portfolio. Call (512) 410-1342 to get started today!

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Remodeling Commercial Workspaces to Maximize Productivity

Studies have shown that workspaces can either aid or hinder productivity. Now that the country is emerging from COVID-19 restrictions and anticipating getting back to the office, business owners are focusing on their company’s workspaces. They know that an outdated office can stifle creativity, comfort, and productivity.

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3 Modern Must-Haves for Your Older Home

Not all old residential properties are outdated. Some homes age like wine with a design that only gets better with time. That’s precisely why modern homeowners prefer a vintage home as a fresh change from the modern, urban architecture that they see every day at work.

Vintage homes have a promising appeal of grandeur and class, and only an old home can afford to exude that look. That said, older constructions and designs do have flaws that set in with time like fine lines on a pretty face. It mars the beauty of an otherwise gorgeous house and that’s why you need home remodeling experts in Round Rock, TX to renovate the design to accommodate modern needs without ruining the style. Here are some must-haves for older homes.

Insulated Windows

Climate change is a real issue and homeowners need to include weather-proofing solutions in their home designs to keep their living space comfortable. Rough winds during cold weather can find a way to enter the house and make the home uncomfortably chilly despite central heating. This not only makes you shiver but also drives up the energy bills because your HVAC systems go in overdrive to maintain the indoor climate. This happens because older wooden window frames may have warped over time and created gaps. You can avoid all that with perfectly insulated windows and doors to prevent heat loss. Thermal breaks allow air leaks but modern window frames eliminate such inefficiencies.

Upgraded Glass Panes

Dual-paneled glass is becoming the most-demanded feature in modern homes. The double layering of glass in windows allows the vacuum in between to prevent conduction. This serves well during harsh weather conditions, be it hot summers or cold winters. The air-conditioning won’t lose its effect through the windows and neither would the solar heat find a way in through the clear glass. Similarly, it works equally well during winters to prevent heat loss through conduction. If you prefer older home designs, don’t compromise on the windows; get new ones to maintain your comfort level at home.

Natural Light Solutions

It’s only now that architects have devised a solution for utilizing natural light to the homeowner’s benefit. Yes, we’re talking about skylights! This is an innovative window design that allows you to channel the sunlight indoors through the roof and brighten up the place. In cities like Round Rock where the sun shines on 204/365 days, you could really use this feature to highlight every corner in your new vintage home.

We evaluate older residential properties and put our home remodeling experts on the job to bring modern additions in the design for maximum comfort and convenience.

At Freccia Group, we have a design and construction team in place that deals with residential renovation projects in Round Rock, TX.

Call us at (512) 410-1342 if you have a property sell or want to invest in one.






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Home Renovations that Increase Resale Value

People spend thousands of dollars on home renovations but are sometimes unable to recoup the costs when selling their property. We understand why you would redo your living room if you’re going to stay in your home for more than five years, but if you’re looking to sell your home, it’s typically not a good investment. But keep in mind that most renovations don’t provide a 100% return on investment.

This reality may be deceptive in the Austin market, where home prices have increased around 40% in some areas since the start of 2020. Real estate is hot in Capital City, and there are ways you can get the best value for your dollar when making home improvements.

Here are some home renovations tips that can increase the resale value of your home:

Focus on Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is its most significant selling point. The first impression of your property determines its value. Renovating your home’s exterior can add thousands of dollars in value to your property. From fixing your driveway to replacing your old front door, there are plenty of ways to boost your property’s curb appeal.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home can also beautify your property and make it feel more attractive and welcoming. Focus on landscaping by clearing your lawn space and transforming your front yard into a beautiful, gorgeous space complete with colorful flowers and thick shrubs. Just make sure to keep low-maintenance beds that don’t require constant care.

Open Floor Layout

The interior space is one of the key factors that affects your property’s value. Modern home buyers find homes with open floor plans more desirable than ones with traditional designs. Cramped, dark spaces can make your property look small and dated. Consider knocking down some walls to improve your space and increase its appeal.

An open floor layout will also allow more natural light inside the property, making it look brighter and more welcoming. You may also consider adding larger windows or picture windows without panes to brighten up rooms with natural lighting. Walls divide a home’s interior and make it seem smaller, while having fewer walls creates a sense of space. You can reconfigure accessories and furnishings to create different room layouts.

A group of people standing in a functional outdoor space.

Utilize The Outdoor Space

One of the best renovation projects to create appeal is making the outdoor space more functional. You can add a beautiful patio, lounge area, and firepit—even an outdoor kitchen.

Make your outdoor space as comfortable and stylish as your inside living room. From a mini bar to an outdoor cinema space, there are endless ideas for you to explore, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Want to go the extra mile? Create a small outdoor kitchen with a BBQ grill. It will create a functional place for hosting parties.

While an outdoor living space can serve as a wonderful place to unwind if you plan on living in your home for a while, it typically isn’t worth the cost if you plan on selling your home. That said, in an exuberant real estate market, people are paying above market prices anyway—many of them cash. And if you can renovate something to add a perceived value to your home, people will pay almost whatever you want.

Let Freccia Group help you renovate your home in Central Texas. Our remodeling professionals will update your old house and make it uniquely yours or help you increase its resale value. Visit our website to check out our portfolio. Call (512) 410-1342 to get started today.


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Why It’s Important to Follow a Design-and-Build Process When Building a Home

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In most projects, a well-laid plan will help you avoid mistakes in both the short and long terms. Our home builders in Round Rock, Texas,  have been building homes in the Austin area for years. Whether it’s in a neighborhood or on a country lot, we bring together architects, builders, and craftsmen to make great homes come to life.

Let us share with you some of our process:

Consultation with the Architect

Home projects are extensive and detailed and require site inspection, approvals of design plans, and the actual groundwork. An architect’s drawings are a fundamental part of the process and are referred to every step of the way. It’s the architect’s job to ensure that the design fulfills the homeowners’ needs, wants, and desires and reflects their aesthetic taste.

However, finding the perfect design match within a set budget can be a challenge because what may seem to be within financial reach may be more expensive than you think—and vice versa. This is why we carry out all projects under the constant guidance of seasoned architects who know what Central Texas residents want in a home and can figure out creative ways to make it happen.

Local Codes and Restrictions

Building within the Austin city limits holds its own challenges when it comes to permitting. It’s important to hire a home builder who knows the local codes or city restrictions. Issues like easements and environmental restrictions are often overlooked and could jeopardize an entire project if they aren’t addressed. It’s not uncommon for a builder to get to the framing stage only to discover that it has violated a restriction on the lot and now has to tear everything down and start all over. We are meticulous in our due diligence with regard to city permits in Austin, and we make sure our designs and plans are fully approved before beginning work.

Construction Schedule

We understand the importance of deadlines and of building you the home you want within our mutually agreed-upon timeline. Our builders, architects, carpenters, and other craftsmen work diligently to deliver our projects on time and with the utmost care. We care about the work we do and getting it done right. Our process is transparent, so you know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. From the moment we break ground to the time the final touches are done, we’ll adhere to a construction schedule and inform you if something beyond our control happens that may cause a delay.

Professional Finish

Delivering the home you want on the timeline you require is our goal. In the end, we’ll conduct a thorough walk-through to address any minor issues that may stand in the way of your enjoyment of your new home. As both home-building experts and craftsmen, we take great pride in our work and want you to find joy around every corner for years to come.

At Freccia Group, we have in place a design and construction team that deals with residential home construction projects in Round Rock, Texas. Call us at (512) 410-1342 to get started.