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3 Modern Must-Haves for Your Older Home

Not all old residential properties are outdated. Some homes age like wine with a design that only gets better with time. That’s precisely why modern homeowners prefer a vintage home as a fresh change from the modern, urban architecture that they see every day at work.

Vintage homes have a promising appeal of grandeur and class, and only an old home can afford to exude that look. That said, older constructions and designs do have flaws that set in with time like fine lines on a pretty face. It mars the beauty of an otherwise gorgeous house and that’s why you need home remodeling experts in Round Rock, TX to renovate the design to accommodate modern needs without ruining the style. Here are some must-haves for older homes.

Insulated Windows

Climate change is a real issue and homeowners need to include weather-proofing solutions in their home designs to keep their living space comfortable. Rough winds during cold weather can find a way to enter the house and make the home uncomfortably chilly despite central heating. This not only makes you shiver but also drives up the energy bills because your HVAC systems go in overdrive to maintain the indoor climate. This happens because older wooden window frames may have warped over time and created gaps. You can avoid all that with perfectly insulated windows and doors to prevent heat loss. Thermal breaks allow air leaks but modern window frames eliminate such inefficiencies.

Upgraded Glass Panes

Dual-paneled glass is becoming the most-demanded feature in modern homes. The double layering of glass in windows allows the vacuum in between to prevent conduction. This serves well during harsh weather conditions, be it hot summers or cold winters. The air-conditioning won’t lose its effect through the windows and neither would the solar heat find a way in through the clear glass. Similarly, it works equally well during winters to prevent heat loss through conduction. If you prefer older home designs, don’t compromise on the windows; get new ones to maintain your comfort level at home.

Natural Light Solutions

It’s only now that architects have devised a solution for utilizing natural light to the homeowner’s benefit. Yes, we’re talking about skylights! This is an innovative window design that allows you to channel the sunlight indoors through the roof and brighten up the place. In cities like Round Rock where the sun shines on 204/365 days, you could really use this feature to highlight every corner in your new vintage home.

We evaluate older residential properties and put our home remodeling experts on the job to bring modern additions in the design for maximum comfort and convenience.

At Freccia Group, we have a design and construction team in place that deals with residential renovation projects in Round Rock, TX.

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