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The Freccia Group Story

Freccia Group is a premier luxury custom home and commercial builder based in Austin, TX. When working in the Austin residential areas, we primarily focus on projects ranging from large interior and exterior design-build custom home projects to home additions and high-value renovations.

  • Freccia Group was originally formed in 2016 as a real estate investment company and has since grown into a top-tier real estate investment and development firm specializing in the exclusive development of multi-million dollar homes and commercial properties across central Texas.
  • Our in-house team of architects, builders and designers are paving the way for innovative designs and builds across the Texas capital city, allowing Freccia Group to continue delivering exceptional living spaces at unparalleled quality to each of our clients.

We’re a different kind of real estate company that specializes in urban as well as suburban infill design, with a focus on creating homes and neighborhoods that people love while ensuring investors maximize their return. Taking a long-term approach, we build trust by doing the right thing, by challenging conventional wisdom, and by putting our clients and investors at the heart of our business.

We’re changing Austin one home, one block, and one neighborhood at a time. Our team of in-house architects, builders, and designers are adding value to areas that are ready for a new generation of homeowners. By renovating old homes, we preserve the charm of the classics while making them more livable for today’s families. But whether it’s a renovation or new-spec home, Freccia Group has its pulse on what Austin-area homeowners need and love.

Real Estate Development That Fosters Community

When you’re looking to develop land into a residential neighborhood, the Freccia Group Development team can build communities where people want to live. Our unique perspectives on how amenities, lot size, landscaping, and pathways can work in harmony to connect people providing greater value in our developments. We leverage best practices and the latest lifestyle trends to create the next stage in community development.


A custom luxury kitchen. White walls and counters with a light wood floor and ceiling.

Passion & Experience

Our founders brought together their decades of experience growing up in the real estate and construction world to lay the foundation for who Freccia Group is today. Combining this experience with their passion for flipping, property management and investment, they formed our incredible team of hard-working architects, builders and designers who are just as committed as they are to the work they do.

Exceptional Quality

At Freccia Group, we are 100% committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and unparalleled quality by utilizing industry best practices, incorporating the latest lifestyle trends into our designs, and challenging conventional wisdom to build one-of-a-kind spaces.

Leaders in Austin

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do with the vision to change Austin one property, one block and one neighborhood at a time. It’s not only important to us that we deliver on our promises of quality to our clients. but to the city as a whole. As leaders in innovation and thoughtful design, we’re creating living spaces that are custom-designed to elevate the city of Austin.

Foundation to Finish

Designing and building homes that are just as unique as they are luxurious is the standard at Freccia Group. Through careful planning, thoughtful design, vigilant project management and efficient execution, our team is able to deliver superior construction results that exceed expectations and remain timeless while still incorporating the latest in design and innovation.


Leadership Team


A smiling picture of the founders of Freccia Group. They are former house flippers who now work in general construction services full time.


Waldemar Severi was raised in Sugarland, TX. He grew up in the real estate and construction world as the son of a real estate investor and a property manager with a real estate portfolio of her own.

Taking his real estate experience into his adulthood in Houston, TX, Waldemar owned 3 companies, all of which were in the construction industry, before meeting and joining forces with Rebekah Severi. The two have a combined 38 years of experience, designing, building and investing within the real estate industry and with their combined passion and experience, in 2016 they formed what would become Freccia Group.

Since then, Waldemar and Rebekah have worked together to establish Freccia Group’s reputation for high-quality work. This is mainly done through referrals which have been instrumental in building the Freccia Group brand and establishing a strong foundation for the business within the community.


Similar to Waldemar, Rebekah Severi grew up within the real estate and construction world with one parent who was a real estate investor and another who was a home flipper in South TX. Rebekah joined the family business early on and grew up flipping houses and opening new commercial retail stores across the US.

Originally the two Freccia Group owners planned to use their diverse construction backgrounds to focus on flipping, holding and managing air bnbs/ rentals. However, as their work gained popularity in the community, they began accepting more contracting work – thus turning Freccia Group into a general contractor.



As Freccia Group’s diligent and dedicated operations manager, Tami Smith is the central hub for the thriving real estate and development group in Austin, TX. She brought with her a wealth of experience and now uses her background in event planning and professional organization to streamline all of Freccia Group’s processes and procedures.

Before joining Freccia Group, Tami received her degree from Angelo State as well as a certification from Quickbooks to prepare her for success in her career. She continued her professional development while also growing her family and is now the loving mother to six wonderful children and recently celebrated 30 years of marriage to her partner.

Tami’s overall trustworthiness, intelligence and efficiency in ensuring a coordinated effort on all client projects and internal operations has made her the go-to for both of Freccia’s owners, serving as each of their trusted right-hand.


While our leadership team oversees all of the organization’s functions, Freccia Group’s structured team of talented in-house designers, builders, architects and project managers has continued to drive the brand to success. The Freccia Group team also includes a highly skilled in-house purchasing team as well as a resultsdriven construction management team to keep all projects progressing efficiently.

Communication and collaboration between each team ensures a smooth and successful homebuilding process for each of our Austin projects. All levels of the Freccia Group team are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and unparalleled quality by utilizing industry best practices, incorporating the latest lifestyle trends into our designs, and challenging conventional wisdom to build one-of-a-kind spaces.

Side view of a custom built home in Austin, TX by Freccia Group. We use only the highest quality construction materials.