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Custom built pool in Austin, Texas. Remodel your backyard and stay cool this summer!

Top Summer Renovation Projects for Austin, Texas Homes

The heat of a Texas summer can sometimes be unbearable but it is often a great motivator for homeowners to start looking for custom backyard design inspiration for their summer renovation projects. There’s nothing better than being able to escape the summer heat in the backyard oasis of your dreams and at Freccia Group, we help make those dreams a reality. From custom pools to stunning pergolas, the most popular summer renovation projects we see in Austin are those built to be an outdoor paradise where homeowners can hide away from the Texas heat. 

Patios, pools and pergolas are custom projects made for Summer and at Freccia Group, we’re already putting the finishing touches on several backyard oasis projects. If you’re ready to dip your toe into custom comfort but just don’t know where to start, take a look at some of our latest summer projects and get the custom backyard design inspiration you need for your next outdoor project. 


Luxury Swimming Pools 

Tarrytown – Austin, TX

Custom-designed luxury swimming pools are a great way to add a splash of functional comfort to your backyard. No matter your design style, shape preference or size needs, the pool of your dreams will no longer be a mirage when you work with our team of in-house architects, builders and designers. Freccia Group’s most recent swimming pool, located in Tarrytown – Austin’s popular high-end residential neighborhood – mixes contemporary style with classic appeal to create a luxurious and welcoming retreat that will last for many years to come. 

Freccia Group Custom Pool in Tarrytown Austin                                        Freccia Group Custom Pool in Tarrytown Austin


Backyard Patios and Pergolas

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle or are wanting a more accommodating space for entertaining friends and family, a patio or pergola could be just what you need. Wondering how a pergola is different from a patio? and which one is best for your outdoor space? No worries! Freccia Group can help you figure out which custom backyard design will work best for your needs. Our builders can then work with you on a project plan that will turn your patio or pergola design ideas into the perfect upgrade for your backyard. 

Most people are familiar with the different types of patio designs that act as extensions of the home – not all are covered and most are made from gravel or concrete. Pergolas on the other hand work to beautify your backyard and add to the overall comfort of your outdoor space by providing areas of shade over your outdoor sitting areas or walkways. A custom-designed pergola also gives you the chance to display your personality while giving you a space right at home to escape the intense rays of the Texas summer sun. Freccia Group has completed several patios and pergolas for our Austin clients that will surely provide you with some custom backyard design inspiration for the perfect patio or pergola for your backyard.

Freccia Group Custom Patio in Austin, TX                                        Freccia Group Custom Backyard Design with a Custom Pergola in Austin, TX


Upgrade Your Home with a Custom Backyard Designed by Freccia Group

This summer, upgrade your outdoor space with a custom pool, patio or pergola designed and built by Freccia Group, Austin’s Top Custom Home and Commercial Builder. Our in-house team will work with you to craft a design that will fit your entertainment and comfort needs while using high-quality materials that will last for many summers to come. No matter how much space you’re working with, our team can build you an at-home paradise you’ll always want to escape into. 

As the new season starts and the summer sun shines, more and more of our stunning summertime projects are coming to a close. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next outdoor project, tune in to our Instagram and Facebook where we’ll be highlighting some of our newest summer escapes and backyard builds every week with our Freccia Fridays! You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates on our custom projects and receive sneak peeks inside our most luxurious Austin custom home projects.

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