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Different Ways Colors Impact Office Workspaces

Research shows that the colors around us can influence our mood, energy levels, and mental health. That’s why smart companies spend so much time choosing the right colors for their brand identities. Studies show that humans react emotionally to different colors and each color creates a physiological response within our brains, whether it’s one leaning toward anger, empathy, caring, relaxation, or fun.

Since color is so influential in how we feel, it can dictate our moods and actions. This is why the color you use in your office space is so important to your brand and how you want your team members to actually perform.

Colors Affect People in Office Workspaces

Research shows that the colors in an office directly affect employees’ mood, productivity, and creativity. Many experts have found that colors can influence our thoughts and behaviors. Hues can play a vital role in keeping employees energetic and motivated. Research shows that when we look at a particular color, our nervous system sends certain signals to our brain. However, psychologists disagree over whether these influences are natural or a result of social construction, cultural influence, or our individual unique experiences with certain colors.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Office

When choosing colors for your office environment, know what kind of emotional state you want your team to have. The colors you choose can mean the difference between happy team members and frustrated ones, or people who are productive versus lethargic — or even creative versus restrained. Colors impact both your team working in the office and the clients who visit them. For example, if you have an office that offers counseling services, you’ll want colors that make people feel calm and peaceful. If you run a tech startup, you’ll want colors that invite people to feel energetic and inspire creativity. Understand what your company’s mission, vision, and values are and how your brand aligns with them, then choose the colors for your workspace that communicate those brand attributes.

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Color Theory for the Office

Every color you choose can have certain things associated with it, so make sure you choose each one wisely. Here are some suggestions based on available research:


A study by the Mental Health Foundation in the U.K. shows that people who work in green-colored offices are less stressed than those who work in offices dominated by other colors. It also shows that people working in green-colored offices are usually happier. At least three studies that focused on workers showed that when the employees performed their job functions under green-colored lighting, their productivity increased by 29 percent and they were more satisfied with their jobs.


Researchers believe that the color blue also relieves stress, since it may suggest the calming experience of water or, more specifically, the ocean. It can also make people feel relaxed while they are working, which can increase their productivity and creativity. Blue is also good to use in offices that feature creative activities because it inspires people to try new things and communicate better with others.


The color orange is the best choice for creating happy and positive moods in the workplace, especially in offices where you have to deal with people or have a lot of responsibilities. This doesn’t mean you should color the entire office orange — you can hang artwork on the walls that has orange as a dominant color and still have an impact.

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