How To Make Your Good Residential Development Great

Residential development is a significant investment for any community and for institutional as well as individual investors. For many planners and developers, residential projects require a detailed approach to establish goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Modern developers look beyond traditional neighborhood and commercial patterns and rethink existing land to create modern-day lifestyle developments that support current sociological trends like working from home or close to home, proximity to restaurants and other retail amenities, and access to entertainment venues like restaurants and theaters.

Here are some of the ingredients of a great residential development:

Subdivision Design

The subdivision layout is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a residential community. The idea is to maximize the number of lots without making residents feel confined and restricted. It’s essential to incorporate the latest design techniques to strike a fine balance between land density and infrastructure.

A great residential development plan has a detailed assessment of spaces. Architects and designers can eliminate corner lots and create lots on both sides of every street to minimize costs and eliminate unnecessary intersections. It takes a comprehensive approach and expertise to cut down waste and maximize efficiency.

Create a Sense of Place

Successful residential development projects are designed around people and how they want to live. They focus on creating an inclusive community that instills a sense of place for its residents. It’s impossible to develop a neighborhood for “everyone” but defining potential residents based upon demographic, psychographic, geographic, and lifestyle factors, and formulating a residential plan, will make the area more attractive to them.


 A bird’s eye view of residential homes.

Efficient Design

Many residential development projects are evaluated based on their design efficiency and how they meet infrastructure requirements. The tax assessment stream also plays a crucial role. Lower life cycle maintenance costs and higher lot numbers and valuation can result in a greater tax base and vice versa.

Final Word

A great residential development plan requires careful planning and consideration. Partner with a reputable developer and building contractor to ensure the best results. Choose one with relevant experience and expertise so you can feel comfortable creating a great residential development project.

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