Why It’s Important to Follow a Design-and-Build Process When Building a Home

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In most projects, a well-laid plan will help you avoid mistakes in both the short and long terms. Our home builders in Round Rock, Texas,  have been building homes in the Austin area for years. Whether it’s in a neighborhood or on a country lot, we bring together architects, builders, and craftsmen to make great homes come to life.

Let us share with you some of our process:

Consultation with the Architect

Home projects are extensive and detailed and require site inspection, approvals of design plans, and the actual groundwork. An architect’s drawings are a fundamental part of the process and are referred to every step of the way. It’s the architect’s job to ensure that the design fulfills the homeowners’ needs, wants, and desires and reflects their aesthetic taste.

However, finding the perfect design match within a set budget can be a challenge because what may seem to be within financial reach may be more expensive than you think—and vice versa. This is why we carry out all projects under the constant guidance of seasoned architects who know what Central Texas residents want in a home and can figure out creative ways to make it happen.

Local Codes and Restrictions

Building within the Austin city limits holds its own challenges when it comes to permitting. It’s important to hire a home builder who knows the local codes or city restrictions. Issues like easements and environmental restrictions are often overlooked and could jeopardize an entire project if they aren’t addressed. It’s not uncommon for a builder to get to the framing stage only to discover that it has violated a restriction on the lot and now has to tear everything down and start all over. We are meticulous in our due diligence with regard to city permits in Austin, and we make sure our designs and plans are fully approved before beginning work.

Construction Schedule

We understand the importance of deadlines and of building you the home you want within our mutually agreed-upon timeline. Our builders, architects, carpenters, and other craftsmen work diligently to deliver our projects on time and with the utmost care. We care about the work we do and getting it done right. Our process is transparent, so you know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. From the moment we break ground to the time the final touches are done, we’ll adhere to a construction schedule and inform you if something beyond our control happens that may cause a delay.

Professional Finish

Delivering the home you want on the timeline you require is our goal. In the end, we’ll conduct a thorough walk-through to address any minor issues that may stand in the way of your enjoyment of your new home. As both home-building experts and craftsmen, we take great pride in our work and want you to find joy around every corner for years to come.

At Freccia Group, we have in place a design and construction team that deals with residential home construction projects in Round Rock, Texas. Call us at (512) 410-1342 to get started.





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