Custom Homes Move Outdoors: The Outdoor Living Space Trends You Need to Know

Outdoor living space with a swimming pool

In recent years, outdoor living spaces have become a significant trend in custom home building. Homeowners are no longer content with a simple patio or deck; they’re expanding their living areas to include luxurious and functional outdoor environments. Here’s a look at some of the top trends in outdoor living spaces that are transforming backyards into outdoor oases.

Outdoor Kitchens

Gone are the days of a lone grill on the patio. Modern outdoor kitchens rival their indoor counterparts in both style and functionality. These spaces often include the following.

  • Built-in Grills: High-end, built-in grills with multiple burners and features like rotisseries.
  • Pizza Ovens: Wood-fired or gas pizza ovens for a fun, gourmet cooking experience.
  • Counter Space and Storage: Ample countertops for food prep and built-in cabinets for storage.
  • Refrigerators and Sinks: Keeping everything you need at arm’s reach, from ingredients to clean-up facilities.
  • Bars and Seating Areas: Comfortable seating and bar areas for entertaining guests.

Outdoor kitchens allow homeowners to cook, dine, and entertain without ever having to step inside, making them a central feature of the modern outdoor living space.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living means integrating entertainment options into your outdoor space. Some popular additions are discussed below.

  • Outdoor Televisions: Weather-resistant TVs that provide the perfect setup for outdoor movie nights or watching the big game.
  • Sound Systems: High-quality outdoor speakers that can blend into the landscape while delivering crisp, clear sound for music or movies.
  • Wi-Fi and Smart Home Integration: Ensuring your outdoor space is as connected as the indoors, with options to control lighting, sound, and more from your smartphone.

With these enhancements, your backyard can become the ultimate entertainment hub for friends and family.

Comfortable Outdoor Seating

The key to a successful outdoor living space is comfort. Investing in high-quality, weather-resistant furniture ensures your outdoor area is as cozy and inviting as your living room. These trends include the following.

  • Sectional Sofas: Offering plenty of seating for large gatherings.
  • Lounge Chairs and Hammocks: Perfect for relaxing and soaking up the sun.
  • Dining Sets: For alfresco meals with family and friends.

Many homeowners are also adding features like outdoor rugs and cushions to make the space feel even more like an extension of their home.

Water Features

Adding the soothing sound of water can make your outdoor space feel like a personal retreat. Popular water features are discussed below.

  • Fountains: From classic to contemporary designs, fountains add visual interest and tranquility.
  • Ponds and Waterfalls: Creating a natural, serene environment.
  • Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs: Offering relaxation and entertainment options for homeowners and guests alike.

These features not only enhance the beauty of the outdoor space but also provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

Outdoor living space with a patio

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