Lovable, livable design

At Freccia Group, our designers believe in creating living spaces that are comfortable and beautiful and uniquely Austin. Our home designers guide you through the entire process taking into account your needs, wants, desires and, of course, budget. Our home interiors blend the old with the new to transform spaces in order to make people feel instantly at home and enjoy the space for years to come.

Nowhere does this come into play more than in our renovation projects where we’ve converted dated, confining interiors into open, brighter spaces that reflect Austin’s lifestyle and personality. Our timeless designs consider your home’s architectural style, its surroundings, and its interior flow—how a space easily guides you from one room to another. Then we make sure the interior integrates with the exterior to create beautiful design continuity.

We can help you with:

  • Master planning
  • Architecture
  • Land planning
  • Site development
  • Space planning
  • Programming

Design with purpose
Austin may be weird, but our homes are redesigned with aesthetic purpose. At Freccia Group, we look for ways to holistically integrate remodeling with creativity, making sure practicality meets style.

For instance, in some of the older home projects that we’ve done, the kitchens were small and cramped—impossible for today’s families who like to gather in or near the heart of the home. We facilitate social interaction by opening up kitchen spaces to bring both comfort and functionality—whether you’re cooking or keeping someone company while he or she cooks.

Living differently
Bathrooms present other opportunities to update interiors. In older homes, lavatories were built smaller, leaving space for, shall we say, only short visits. Today, bathrooms can be an escape—a place to find refuge—so they have to be more spacious and include more amenities. In addition, many homes are omitting bathtubs and opting for large showers, steam rooms, or additional dressing areas and closets. We look at these trends and incorporate them into our projects because they’re what people value in today’s new homes.