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New Trends in Office Buildouts

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic permanently changed the way Americans work. The forceful imposition of work-from-home restrictions has now become something employees prefer because of the convenience. A whopping 85 percent of people prefer continuing remote work despite the easing of restrictions.

But as an employer, you could change the opinion of your employees to willingly return to the office full time with compelling office buildouts:


1. Prioritize the Employee Experience

All employees need a workplace where they feel a sense of belonging through social interaction—this is what drives the most engagement. For this reason, returning to work must be compelling and, dare we say, fun. Sure, you may provide flexible work arrangements to increase productivity, but your workspace should foster the sense of community people need in order to work together more effectively. This could mean fewer walls and a flow to your office that fosters accidental interactions. These brief moments where team members encounter one another are opportunities to exchange ideas and solve problems collaboratively.

2. Create a Thoughtful Office Environment

Invest in a new team table, refurbish the floor, repurpose the conference room, or remodel the bathroom and kitchen to breathe new life into your office. You can also seek ideas for multiuse opportunities that take sustainability and safety into focus. For example, you can reduce desk space by 40 percent to embrace a floor plan that balances both individual and collaborative work.

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3. Name the Space

Instead of viewing the office as an arena to tackle a to-do list, it’s best to enhance elements such as creativity, collaboration, and learning. High-performing employees feel a sense of belonging and feel energized by their space, which motivates them to show up every day. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to name rooms, areas, floors, and buildings that lie within your space to attract talent and positively influence employee behavior.


Encourage Employee Attendance and Increase Retention With Services From Freccia Group

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