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Home Renovation Projects That Give You the Best ROI

Whether you’re a homeowner or real estate investor, it makes sense to understand which home renovation projects will give you the best financial return on investment. After all, every home remodeling project comes with an opportunity cost.

Spending $20,000 on turning your bathroom into a spa-like space means you’re not using that $20,000 elsewhere. If you’re working within a tight budget, you have to be more discerning to get the best value for the money you’re spending. Let’s take a look at the top projects that offer the highest average returns.

1. Minor Bathroom Remodel

Unless your bathroom is completely out of order, a minor makeover can do wonders to boost home value. Consider adding modern, minimal features that take up less space and make the bathroom look more spacious. Upgrades usually entail replacing the vanity, installing new fixtures, adding a window, adding new tiles, or even replacing the shower curtain with a glass door.

2. Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

Just like the bathroom, you don’t have to go all out in the kitchen to see a bump in resale value. A mid-range kitchen remodel will cost you about $20,000 on average and usually entails swapping out countertops, replacing cabinets, and adding new hardware and fixtures.

3. Improve Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, curb appeal does play a huge role in how people view your home. First appearances do matter, and a little sprucing up is the key to attracting buyers. Smaller changes include a fresh coat of paint and minor landscaping. If you have the budget, consider adding HardiPlank® siding, new windows in the front, or replacing the garage door.

4. Door and Window Replacement

New doors and windows don’t just add to the aesthetic value of your home; they can also help improve energy efficiency. Most young homebuyers want energy-efficient home upgrades that can offer returns for years to come. NFRC-rated doors and windows are an excellent way to reduce cooling and heating costs without making any major changes in the home’s structure.

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Remodeling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Remodeling your home can add value to your home, make it more energy efficient, give you the opportunity to upgrade the infrastructure and just make it more livable. Here are the remodeling upgrades you should do now…

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4 Kitchen Backsplash Trends in 2021

Kitchen backsplash tiles have been gaining major traction this year. More than ever, homeowners are using unique backsplash finishes to infuse some personality and warmth into their kitchen’s décor.

If you’re planning on a major kitchen remodeling project, consider these backsplash tile ideas that act as a great focal point for your kitchen.

1. Geometrics

Geometric backsplash tiles can instantly add character to your kitchen. Additionally, hexagons and herringbone patterns offer a break from the rectangular elements like cabinets in the kitchen. White on white is a classic combination; if you want something more on-trend, consider pastel colors like pink or a subtle marble finish for more character.

2. Soapstone and Chalkboard

Want more contrast in the kitchen? Consider adding soapstone backsplash or grey chalkboard tile for a moody vibe. The texture helps add some dimension to an otherwise basic shape. Pair with white oak cabinetry and countertops to help the backsplash stand out in dark contrast. Finish off with some dramatic lights and hanging plant vines for a homier touch.

3. Marble and Quartzite

Continuous slabs of quartzite and marble are also on trend lately. This serves to create a cohesive feeling in the kitchen while still leaving room for some personalization. For instance, this marble with grey veining offers a more muted finish that pairs perfectly with maple wood cabinetry and stunning matte grey steel hardware goes nicely with the transitional home aesthetic.

4. Exposed Brick

A backsplash zone with exposed brick is the ultimate in rugged interior design. You can choose earthy tones or whitewash the brick for a brighter finish. Either way, you can achieve a super-chic finish by adding black metal hardware and aged wood cabinetry to the mix. If your home is your castle, then this approach makes your statement loud and clear.

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What You Should Know Before Adding a Room to Your Home


Home additions can’t be done on a whim; you need to understand fully why you’re adding a room, plan for it, arrange the finances, and make sure you have permits in place. The most common reason for homeowners to want to add another room, typically a guest room, library, or home office, is lack of space. You need more space, and sometimes that’s hard to achieve with open floor plans. Or you might have to add a guesthouse or mother-in-law suite. Whatever it may be, it’s an extensive and expensive process that requires serious planning.

Here’s what you should know before you get on with it.

Clear the Red Tape

There’s a lot of red tape involved with residential construction. The rules vary from state to state and city to city. If you’re in Round Rock, Texas, you’ll have to run your plans by the relevant government entities and your homeowners association (HOA) to get your permits before you break ground. That can be quite a drill because red tape is lengthy and tiring and may delay your timeline by a month or more. Just plan for it.

Once you go through the process, you might be asked to make changes to your plan to comply with local, environmental, and HOA rules and codes. Austin’s laws are especially complex and strict, so just be patient. If the zone you live in controls construction tightly, it might be hard to get the permit. Allow at least six months to get through this process. A professional home renovation contractor in Round Rock can handle all of this for you as part of their services.

Plan Your Finances

The first thing to note about home additions is why you need them. If it’s for the comfort or luxury of you and your family, then it’s reasonable to splurge as long as you can afford it. If it’s so that you can upsell your property in the market, make sure you do a cost-benefit analysis before you begin. Not all renovations will give you an equal return on investment, even in the crazy Austin real estate market. The expected returns on investment must exceed the costs incurred in the home renovation project. Make sure you account for your time and effort to bring the plan to action when you’re estimating the costs.

Living Arrangements

This is one aspect of the entire project that homeowners often miss or ignore. If you’re living in the house where you’re adding a room, you may need alternate accommodations while the project is underway. Depending on the size of your project, you may need to move out during just part of the project. If you can stand a few weeks of the constant noise and dust that come with living on a construction site, stick around. But some people—especially those who work from home—can’t do this.

Some larger room additions like a living room or kitchen expansion may require that you move out because there’s just too much noise and debris and the HVAC needs to be turned off. Make sure you sort this out before the construction starts because moving out midway can be difficult.

Reach out to the home remodeling experts at Freccia Group in Round Rock, Texas, to put your room addition plans into action. We have in place a design and construction team that has done residential renovation projects in Round Rock as well as across the Central Texas area. Call us at (512) 410-1342 to talk about your home remodeling project and how we can make it come true.

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Planning for Home Repairs and Renovations


When your home is damaged, the sales price might be decreased if you put it on the market. There are, of course, exceptions, such as for homes in an older or in-demand neighborhood where the land is worth more than the structure. Home builders are going to demolish the existing home to build a new one, so the condition of the structure doesn’t matter.

However, if your home is still worth more than the land, and you have structural damage like foundation issues, the market value of your property can take a nosedive. That’s why keeping up with your home over time is important. But if you have to sell your home, as in the case of a family property that’s owned by an elderly relative, home renovations and repairs can increase that home’s value.

Why Renovate Your Home?

Be clear about why you’re taking on this project. Much of that depends on whether you’re going to live in the home for the next five years or more. If you are, you can take on larger projects without worrying about whether you’ll get your investment back when you sell. Making your home more enjoyable is a great reason to renovate.

However, if you’re going to sell soon, there are projects that will return more on the investment than others and make your home more marketable. Taking care of routine repairs like holes in walls, broken doors, and peeling paint both inside and out will attract many more buyers willing to offer top-dollar bids, and that’s the end goal. Some improvement projects will return high on your investment, paying off when you sell, while others, like a new patio or swimming pool, won’t.

In the Austin area, real estate prices in some places have risen 40% since 2020, and renovations can be deceptive; but the rule still applies. Properties are being snapped up at above asking price with very few concessions from sellers. Don’t spend the money on anything you don’t have to, since, in some cases, the new homeowner is going to renovate the home anyway.

Costing Is at the Core

Now that you’ve decided to move forward, draw up some plans and make a list of any repairs that you need done. It’s always better to consult with an architect—especially if you’re going to be removing walls. However, many contractors can help you visualize what you want to do and help you prioritize based on needs versus desires.

Set a clear home remodeling budget, and stick to it. This gives you clear guidelines on what you can and can’t do; but don’t worry, most homeowners go over. Once you have your architectural drawings or your contractor has completed the visualization session, you can get a much more accurate estimate of what your project will cost. At this point, you can shift budget from one part of your project—for instance, new granite countertops for the kitchen,  which may not need as much work as you thought—to a bathroom renovation. The process is fairly fluid at this point, so you have options.

Prefer Repairs over Additions

It’s important to take care of repairs because some of them can turn into major issues if not caught early. If you’re going to stay in your home for a while, take care of the things that can affect the structural integrity of your home first. Foundation issues fall into that category. They are much easier to repair if caught early than when you start seeing cracks in your slab or along walls and doors.

Leaky pipes, termite damage, old siding, and paint are also issues you should address immediately because these can only get worse over time. After you address these repairs and have peace of mind knowing that they are taken care of, they may not wind up costing as much as you thought, and you can entertain the idea of adding a pool in the backyard, a deck with patio furniture and a view, a balcony with the bedrooms, or a fountain in the driveway.

If you’re leaning toward any additions, ask these questions:

  • How important are the home additions to the life the house offers?
  • Are the additions in demand?
  • Will the buyers be willing to pay over and above what you’re spending?

These are all critical questions, and the answers will make it clear whether you should invest in the additions. If you don’t know, ask a real estate agent who knows your area to see what improvements they would recommend investing in.

Whether you’ve decided to get your home ready to sell or you’re planning renovations to live with for a while, reach out to the home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas. Freccia Group’s design and construction team can take care of your residential renovation projects. Call us at (512) 410-1342 for commercial construction and home remodeling.




Why Is Everyone Moving to Austin?

It’s no mystery that Texas has benefited from an influx of companies moving to the Lone Star State with Austin winning more than its fair share of relocations. In fact, in 2020, according to CNBC, Texas added more residents than any other state.

Residents are following companies and both love our lower housing costs and tax rates not to mention fewer regulations–they’re just more business friendly. Texas also has talent galore being home to top universities like Rice University, University of Texas, Texas A&M, University of Houston and Texas Tech.

Here are just some of the companies have made Texas home over the past year or so:

  • Oracle’s headquarters is now in Austin
  • Tesla is building a new Gigafactory near Austin
  • Apple is building a campus in Austin
  • Entertainers like Joe Rogan, Tom Segura and other comedians have made Austin their home.

Here’s a complete list of companies that have announced moves to Texas courtesy of Houston-based Decide Consulting.

VOA also discusses why Americans are leaving California for Texas citing quality of life, lower taxes and more affordable housing.