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Freccia Group: The Future of Austin Real Estate

Welcoming Homeowners to Austin, Texas

The Austin real estate market has attracted people from all over the country to the Texas capital and like many other Austin custom home builders and real estate professionals, Freccia Group has had a front-row seat in welcoming this surge of millennials, new homeowners, and others looking to invest in real estate. 

At Freccia Group, we’re more than familiar with what it takes to grow alongside our great city of Austin and are excited to welcome this new generation of homeowners as they begin building their futures. While they may just be setting their Austin roots, ours run deep and have built the foundation for Freccia Group as a top-tier Austin-based luxury real estate investment and development firm.  


Get to Know Your Austin Luxury Home Builders

The initial vision for Freccia was to flip, hold, and manage Airbnbs but once people saw our flip work, interest in our design and construction services grew and we instead developed into a general contractor. The Freccia founders already had years of experience growing up in the real estate and construction world and with their combined family backgrounds in flipping, property management, and investment, they then laid the foundation for who Freccia Group is today. 

Freccia Group was officially formed in 2016 as a real estate investment company and we have since grown into one of Austin’s top luxury real estate investment and development firms. Austin homeowners that come to Freccia Group for our residential construction services and business owners more interested in our commercial building have full access to our team of in-house architects, builders, and designers who have a combined 38 years of experience.


Renovate, Build, Develop

New home construction continues to rise in Austin but finding a builder that understands your needs while still producing high-caliber work is key to making sure your new home is truly built for your future. Since we have our own design and construction team in place, we can be with you through every step of your project. While we are widely known for our work renovating, developing, and building new homes on Austin properties, our full range of services includes: 

  • Home Renovation Projects
  • Full Home Remodels  
  • New Home Builds 
  • Interior & Exterior Design-Build Projects 
  • Multifamily Projects 
  • Mixed-Use and Commercial Property Development 

Our real estate services always keep the interests and futures of our Austin communities in mind. This is why we prioritize delivering high-quality projects that our clients can trust to fit their needs and add value to the communities they’re in. 

Austin is known for its growing diverse and creative communities and when it comes to the future of Austin real estate, we want our projects to continue adding to that. This means challenging conventional wisdom and having a unique perspective on how amenities, lot size, landscaping, and pathways can work together to achieve one-of-a-kind Austin luxury.  

New East Austin Custom Home Construction by Freccia Group


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The future of Austin real estate is bright and as the city continues to grow, so does Freccia Group. We’re breaking ground on new projects, finishing new builds, and getting ready to expand our real estate services to include even more resources for both investors and homeowners. Want to stay up to date on all things Freccia and receive exclusive updates on new builds? Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter today!    


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The Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas Of 2022

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you can pick a style as opulent or as understated as you like. Whether you have a traditional bathroom or a spacious luxury bathroom, lighting plays a huge role in bringing out the aesthetics of your bathroom.

If you want to add statement lighting to your bathroom, reach out to our home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas.

Here are the best bathroom lighting ideas for 2022.

1. Go for luxe statement lighting

Statement lighting is having its moment right now. If you want your bathroom to look like a luxurious space fit for royalty, get a hanging light fixture installed over your bathtub. Relaxing in the bath with a chandelier above you will make you feel like you’re getting VIP treatment in a high-end spa.

2. Light layering

Nobody said you needed to have just one kind of light in the bathroom. Light layering is a concept that allows you to include different types of lighting in the bathroom for different spots. For example, you can have overhead panel lighting and separate lighting for the vanity.

3. Uplighting

Uplights or low-level lights are lights that are placed on the floor. They shoot soft beams of light upward and are often used to put soft accents on furniture. Uplights can create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom. They can be used to backlight your bathtub. They’re also a great choice if you want dimmer lighting to create a more moody aura in your bathroom.

You can talk to our team of home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas, to discuss installing uplights in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror With Lighting

Hire remodeling experts for bathroom remodeling in Round Rock, Texas

If you want to renovate your bathroom, reach out to our team of home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas.

At Freccia Group, we are a real estate investment and development firm based in Austin, Texas. Our home remodeling contractors in Round Rock have designed many luxury bathrooms for clients across Texas. Whether you want new statement lighting, a walk-in shower, or to completely re-do your bathroom, our home remodeling experts will redesign your bathroom just the way you want.

You can contact us here for queries about bathroom remodeling in Round Rock, Texas.

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4 Walk-in Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Installing a walk-in shower is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Plus, it’s also a very practical addition to a modern bathroom. A walk-in shower can fit in a small or large bathroom and also create more space.

You can reach out to us with your questions about bathroom remodeling in Round Rock, Texas. Here are four cool walk-in shower ideas to give you inspiration for your next bathroom remodel:

1. Time to lose the bathtub

A walk-in shower can easily replace a bathtub because, let’s face it, when was the last time you took a bath? If it’s been years, the time is perfect for a new shower. Trust us, you’ll never miss your bathtub.

2. Walk-in showers for industrial bathrooms

A walk-in shower with glass walls and door can be the perfect addition to a bathroom. It will create an open yet minimalistic look reminiscent of a high-end spa. Add a wooden vanity and bamboo blinds and you have the perfect space to relax in.

No matter what kind of bathroom you have in your home, our remodeling contractor in Round Rock, Texas, will be able to build the perfect walk-in shower for you.

3. Stone walk-in shower

A walk-in shower with a stone surround can add a natural quality to your bathroom. You can use a wide-mouth rain showerhead and add some greenery throughout the bathroom. The use of all-natural stone, wood, and greenery brings in nature’s colors and effects to your favorite place to relax.

4. Walk-in shower with an arched entrance

If you want to bring the hammam home, build a walk-in shower with an arched entrance. Inside, you can add a built-in marble bench and white mosaic tiles to make your walk-in shower feel like an authentic Turkish bathhouse. Finally, install a glass door to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Walk-in shower with marble bench

Hire our remodeling contractor for home renovation in Round Rock, Texas

Whether you want a room addition or need to renovate the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms in your house, our home remodeling experts in Round Rock can do it for you.

Freccia Group is a custom home builder and construction firm based in Austin, Texas. We are a remodeling contractor that provides home remodeling services in Round Rock and the surrounding areas.

Reach out to us here to learn more about bathroom remodeling in Round Rock, Texas.

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Most Common Room Additions to Homes in the Austin Area

Because life is not static, homeowners in Austin, Texas, get room additions for their homes for many reasons. With real estate prices in Central Texas skyrocketing, it’s often less expensive (and wiser) to add a room to your home than sell it and buy a new one. Maybe you’ve decided to add another bedroom, a game room, or a home theater. Or maybe you need to expand your kitchen. Whatever your reason, room additions customized around what you need give you exactly what you want.

Let our highly experienced residential home builders in Round Rock, Texas, help you create the perfect room addition. Here are some of the most popular room additions to homes in the Austin area just to give you inspiration:

1. Home office

Most new home construction already includes a study or home office. With more companies allowing work-from-home and hybrid work environments, room additions in the form of a home office are much more needed today. But what do you do if you want to stay in your current home?

The short answer is to add to it. It may take a little reconfiguring of your floorplan, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Many homeowners in Austin have added a home office complete with a built-in desk, cabinets, and shelving systems. They were also able to build an office the size they wanted and with a view from their property.

2. Guest bedroom or suite

As older Americans move in with their children, more families are adding guest bedrooms or suites to accommodate them. Guest bedrooms may or may not have their own bathroom, but a guest suite can have a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a small kitchen.

Having an extra bedroom in the home allows you to grow your family, and if it can be quartered off, some families use the extra room for Airbnb.

3. Expand the kitchen

Many homeowners in Austin, Texas, have expanded their kitchens to allow more room for cooking as well as socializing with friends and family. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then a home with a bigger kitchen just has a bigger heart. Adding more space also means more storage, more amenities, and possibly a kitchen island where family can come together for meals.

Bedroom with wall hangings

Hire a team of construction experts for home remodeling in Round Rock, Texas

Do you want to remodel your living room, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, or patio? No matter which part of the house you’re ready to change, our home remodeling contractors in Round Rock, Texas, will design the home layout you’ve always wanted.

Freccia Group is a home construction and development company based in the Austin, Texas, area. For years, our remodeling contractors in Round Rock, Texas, have been designing beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces for homeowners across Central Texas.

You can reach out to us on our website to learn more and to get started.

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New Trends in Office Buildouts

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic permanently changed the way Americans work. The forceful imposition of work-from-home restrictions has now become something employees prefer because of the convenience. A whopping 85 percent of people prefer continuing remote work despite the easing of restrictions.

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How Upgrading Your Windows Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Most of the time, we tend to focus on our bathrooms and kitchens during home renovations. This is because these are considered key spaces in a house, and upgrades in these areas usually add value to it.

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Will the New Samsung Semiconductor Plant in Taylor Affect Austin Real Estate Trends?

Last month, Samsung Electronics announced plans to build a new $17 billion site in Taylor, Texas. Samsung will open their newest semiconductor fabrication plant as part of its largest-ever investment in the US.

Samsung’s new location will be more than 5 million square meters and is expected to strengthen the value of Austin’s already-increasing property values. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, announced, “Samsung’s new semiconductor manufacturing facility in Taylor will bring countless opportunities for hardworking Central Texans.”

Samsung’s new factory is expected to improve the domestic supply chain of logic chips used in mobile devices, 5G technology, high-performance computing (HPC) units, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The project is set to break ground in early 2022, with completion slated for late 2024. The Taylor investment includes buildings, property improvements, machinery and equipment, and community participation commitments. With the addition of this facility, Samsung’s total investment in the US will exceed $47 billion since 1978.

After reviewing possible locations in the US, Samsun’s decision to build in Texas was based on several local factors, including the semiconductor ecosystem, infrastructure stability, and government support. Samsung favored the location’s proximity to their existing manufacturing site in nearby Austin, which is also slated for a significant expansion investment next year.

Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea
Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Samsung’s Taylor announcement is expected to create over 2,000 high-tech jobs and thousands of supporting jobs in the area. As part of its co-investment in the community, Samsung has committed financial support for the new Samsung Skills Center within the Taylor Independent School District. This innovative training program will provide students with career preparation in technology, while providing internships and employment opportunities at Samsung’s local production facilities.

Already on-target for another record-breaking year in residential home sale average prices, Austin and the surrounding area will remain a hot market for the foreseeable future. With the combination of population influx and low mortgage rates, the trend of double-digit property value growth seen in fall 2021 year-over-year sales is expected to continue.





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Incorporating Workspaces in Your New or Renovated Home

Since the pandemic, many businesses around the world have shifted to work-from-home or hybrid models where workers can work both at home and in the office. As this trend becomes more common, many homeowners are incorporating larger workspaces and home offices within their homes.

Home offices—formerly known as studies—are not new. New home buyers are also looking for houses that are larger and more planned so that they can work from home more comfortably without being distracted.

This blog post will discuss why you should incorporate a workspace in your floor plan when building your new home or renovating your old home.

Think About the Space

Now is the time to plan. Think about what you want in your workspace in terms of needs, wants, and desires. Sure, it’d be cool to have a full wall projector screen computer monitor, but is that more important than built-in bookshelves or file cabinets? Think about how you work and what kind of amenities you want within arm’s reach. Certainly, you need desk space with enough room for a chair. A coffee bar would be cool and a small guest bathroom close by would make things more convenient. If you like to work out, make room for a small gym or your Peloton. Now is the time to plan for these extras.

Location, Location, Location

Where you put your workspace is as important as what you put into it. Can you put it close to the kitchen so that you can easily get up and grab a snack during your breaks throughout the day? Having it close to the garage means you’re seconds instead of minutes from jumping into your car to drive to a quick meeting. Should it be overlooking the backyard pool so that you can keep an eye on the kids while they swim during weekends and summer breaks? Having your office near the den or media room may cause a problem when family members are watching a movie or playing video games in the next room. So it’s probably best to locate it far from there.

It’s in Demand

Research shows that most home buyers are now looking for homes that have an in-built workspace too. This isn’t because it’s simply a new trend in housing, but also because most professional adults need them.

If you’re not sure how to go about incorporating a workspace in your home’s floor plan and design, consider hiring the professional designers and builders at Freccia Group. They can show you the latest trends and help you build and situate the best possible workspace within your home.

Hire Experienced Remodeling Contractors in Austin, TX

Our team of interior designers and builders know how to execute on your ideas and help you stay within budget. Trust us for reliable home renovation in Austin, Round Rock, or Cedar Park, TX.




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Different Ways Colors Impact Office Workspaces

Research shows that the colors around us can influence our mood, energy levels, and mental health. That’s why smart companies spend so much time choosing the right colors for their brand identities. Studies show that humans react emotionally to different colors and each color creates a physiological response within our brains, whether it’s one leaning toward anger, empathy, caring, relaxation, or fun.

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Reimagining the New Office Space Post Pandemic

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing guidelines, the emphasis in workplace design was on helping people thrive and be more productive at work. Post pandemic, the focus of workplace design has shifted somewhat to accommodate creativity and productivity still, but also the evolving way people are working now.

Let’s take a look at some new planning and design principles that are transforming office spaces as we know them.

Easy and Breezy

According to public health officials, ventilation is the key to preventing the spread of infectious particles. Even cracking open a small window can dilute their concentration and bring in fresh air. That said, most American buildings require tight seals to maximize energy efficiency. Already, engineers are looking into window designs that create a mechanical heat-exchange system, allowing outside air to be optimized for temperature and filtered for air quality as it enters the building.

More Handwashing Stations

Frequent handwashing has been cited as the easiest way to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. Many office buildings will now have hand sanitizer dispensers and contained handwashing stations installed permanently and seamlessly in various areas, especially shared spaces and high-traffic areas. This will allow employees and visitors to ensure that their hands remain germ-free without disrupting regular activities.

Open Office Plans

 employees social distancing at work

Open plan facilities with exposed airflow systems are not new, but variations of them may be. Instead of hard-walled rooms where you likely come in contact with more surfaces, large open spaces with desks placed at a safe distance from each other are trending. Open spaces serve a few purposes:

  • To create more collaboration among people within a larger area. Opens spaces foster interaction and chance encounters.
  • Open concepts allow air to flow better so that HVAC systems work more efficiently.
  • Open concepts allow natural light to reach more area, cutting down on electricity usage. These spaces also allow for more greenery inside officesthat can both clean the air and foster a friendlier atmosphere.

Less Surface Contact

Along with fewer doors, you can also expect doors to be equipped with sensors that slide open when someone approaches them. This can help minimize contact with door handles. To further reduce surface contact, workplaces will likely adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, where employees bring their own laptops instead of working on office PCs.

Improve your office space with a commercial building contractor in Round Rock, Texas. If you own a commercial office property that needs post-pandemic upgrades, reach out to the design, construction, and development experts at Freccia Group.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new property or improve an existing office facility with repairs and upgrades, our team has deep experience in every aspect of commercial construction.

Call (512) 982-9553 to discuss your commercial construction management needs or browse our portfolio to view prior and ongoing projects.