Why Freccia for Your Custom Build?

The Freccia Group Residential Development Team leverages years of experience in home renovation services within communities all over Central Texas. Being in one of the fastest-growing markets in the country, we bring insightful planning, artisan craftsmanship, and attention to detail with our commercial contractor to create communities that have a sense of place and permanence in Round Rock, TX.

We specialize in creating residential and commercial communities in Round Rock, TX, with complete recreational amenities, beautiful landscaping, and walkways that connect people where they live, work, and play. Our developments attract people who value their communities and what brings them together.

As we approach a project, we look for opportunities to redefine the community in a way that enriches the experience of the residents, city planners, county commissions and local councils alike and makes them feel comfortable with our projects. For us, our residential real estate investing philosophy is about providing return to our investors while enriching the local communities where we develop.

High Standards as a Benchmark

Begin with the end in mind. When we embark on a development, we think about the investment in the community for the long term. Will it stand the test of time?

For us, this involves taking a step back and rethinking the goal of the finished product. We look at what our clients want. Rather than stick with development patterns of the past, we redesign the layouts of the past to fit today’s changing behaviors and expectations.

Residential Developments Designed Around Balance

Anyone can cram lots on a piece of land, but who would want to live in a beehive? To achieve successful developments, we balance living space with lot density so that there’s a sense of community without making people feel stacked on top of one another. Using the latest design techniques, trends and thinking, we strike the right balance between design density and how streets, sidewalks and infrastructure work together to make enjoyable living spaces.

Waste No Space

Considering the expense that corner lots take to build and how they are sometimes the least valuable in a neighborhood, the development team at Freccia Group keeps them to a minimum. If we don’t need an intersection, we don’t build one.

We also maximize the number of lots by stretching the setback line along streets. Where there is less street, there is more lot and more value for the homeowner. We would never build residential streets without houses to front them or streets that are fronted on just one side. Less street and fewer utilities mean less infrastructure maintenance and repair, which translates into cost savings in the long run.

Build for Homeowners and Builders

When you develop land with people in mind, considering the ways they live, work and play, you’ll attract buyers automatically. At Freccia Group, our designers keep a keen eye out for trends in neighborhood development focusing on creating a sense of place. We take into account what people are looking for in more intimate neighborhoods, where residents look to experience community in a different way than in larger developments.

Commercial Developments: Creating Harmony Where People Live, Work and Play

American lifestyles are evolving as people seek quality time in all aspects of their lives. Their desire to reduce commute time so that they can be productive with their careers as well as their social lives have caused lifestyle centers to explode in both urban and suburban areas.

At the Freccia Group, we look for ways to design commercial lifestyle centers that combine the energy of retail, the comfort of residential and the efficiency of office spaces—oftentimes in the same structure. Our fully functional ecosystem allows people to live where they work and play while leaving the door open to explore options outside their cocoon.

If you have a project or are looking to invest in residential development, contact Freccia Group.