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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring A Home Builder to Build on Your Own Lot

For many would-be homeowners, building their dream home is an ambitious but exciting project. For a typical homeowner, their home is their biggest asset and a place they intend to live in for decades to come. It’s also where you raise your family and make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maybe you’ve already done the tract home buying in a master-planned community. But now you’re at a point where you can afford to get what you want. You have the land, now it’s time to find the right new home builder experts in Round Rock, Texas.

Here is the ultimate guide to hiring a home builder.

1. Do your research

Go online and look at the websites of home builders you’re considering for the job. Look at their reviews to see what their clients are saying about them. You can also get in touch with them either with your design plans (if you’ve already engaged an architect) or ask if they have an architect they work with as is the case with Freccia Group. Look at their portfolio and make sure you feel comfortable because you’re going to have a lot of interaction with them during this process.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Once you’ve shortlisted possible candidates, reach out to them with any questions that you have. Ask about their style of building, the materials they use and how they adhere to schedules. Do they have ample experience with modern architecture or more traditional? How long do they think it will take to complete the project? Do they breakdown their costs? If so, how detailed? What triggers a change order or is there a contingency in the estimates that allow for some variance?

3. Double check the organization

You should check to see if home building company upholds safety standards. Do they have the right licenses and insurance? Do they offer their clients a strong warranty that they will get the results they want? How long is the warranty good for and what does it include? Does it cover both labor and materials? You can tell how robust and reliable a company is by how seriously they uphold quality and safety standards and if they stand by their craftsmanship.

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Hire our new home builder in Round Rock, Texas, to build your next home on your lot

At Freccia Group, we’re a new home construction builder based in the Austin, Texas area. Our highly qualified home builders in Round Rock, Texas, can build your next home on your lot using your design plans or we can help you get started with our architect. We specialize in residential as well as commercial construction for clients throughout the Austin, Texas area. Contact us on our website to learn more about  building on your own lot in Round Rock, Texas.

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Smart Ways to Remodel Your Home’s Layout On A Budget

Many homeowners struggle to articulate how they want to alter their homes to suit where they are in life. They bring visions of knocking out walls, and adding windows—maybe even adding a second floor, but don’t think about the cost impact of these ideas. The secret is to hire a team of home builders who will work with you to redesign your floor plan and strategically construct your vision.

If you’re considering upgrading your house’s indoor or outdoor spaces, you can reach out to our home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas who can help you get started.

Here are the best tips to help you get the home layout of your dreams within a reasonable budget.

1. Determine your budget

The first step is to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on your home remodeling project. Your budget for and hire an architect to create your vision, then get estimates from general contractors to work out how much they will need to charge you for the whole project. With Freccia Group, we can handle everything from design to construction, so we keep the process simple and manage the whole thing for you.

2. Match your living spaces to your needs

Think about all of the things in your home you’d like to change. Consciously move through your day from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night. Everything you do can be enhanced or become easier with some alterations to design or amenities.

When you use the bathroom, do you hate the old bathtub that you have to stand in to take a shower? If you don’t use the bathtub, why not replace it with a walk-in shower? Do you and your partner struggle with who takes a shower first causing either of you to be late for work. Why not a double shower head? Some things are better done together, right?

What about your kitchen? Is the breakfast area so far from the kitchen that you have raised your voice to have simple conversations? Why not expand the kitchen to include an island table where you can gather for meals and impromptu gatherings?

You’ll have plenty of time to discuss your plans with your home builder, including the things you’d like to see in your design. How much space do you need? Do you want plenty of natural light? What kind of floors do you have in mind? Think about these things and how they can make living in your home better, easier, and more comfortable.

3. Ask for multi-functional spaces

Multi-functional spaces are great value for money. A breakfast area within the kitchen makes mealtime more enjoyable, and a courtyard that doubles as a dining area will give you great value for your money and give your home a modern and trendy touch.

In the planning stages, don’t be afraid to brainstorm. Think about what you need, then what you want, but don’t be afraid to express a desire. The worse that can happen is that it’s outside of your budget, but, then again, it may not be.

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Remodel your home with our team of professional home builders in Round Rock, Texas

At Freccia Group, we’re a pioneering home construction company based in the Austin, Texas area. For years, we have been a leading name in renovation and new home construction with clients that include residential and commercial property owners across Texas. Our home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas, can help you build with anything involving your home from designing a new home to updating your kitchen with the latest colors, textures, and technology. Contact us on our website to learn more or to get in touch with our remodeling contractor in Round Rock, Texas.