How the Sandwich Generation Is Transforming Today’s Floorplans

building for the sandwich generation

Over the past few years, more Americans are taking care of both their children and their elderly relatives, including grandparents and parents. These caregivers who are “caught” in the middle are often referred to as the “sandwich generation.”

Instead of sending the elderly to assisted living facilities, these people have been taking care of their family members at their homes. In order accommodate both the elderly and the kids, the construction of new homes as well as the renovation of existing homes are changing based upon these new family trends.

This blog post will discuss some of the amenities that sandwich homes are incorporating to make everyone more comfortable, from the young to the old and those in between.

home building for sandwich generation

1. Accessibility Is Everything

Most elderly people suffer from some disability or other physical condition like arthritis, osteoporosis, or spinal cord injury that makes it difficult for them to move around the house, so they need extra help and spaces that accommodate that need. This is why houses with better access to common areas via ramps, wider doors, and hallways without sharp corners have become more popular among older families with children.

2. Separate Quarters

When elderly adults move in, they may be fairly mobile, but they may be showing signs of physical and or mental decline. Many families build rooms onto their home that are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and other amenities that the elderly need in order to stay independent but still under the watchful eye of family members. These spaces range from a single room with a small guest bathroom to a full-efficiency apartment complete with its own kitchen and master suite-size bathroom. These spaces are perfect for allowing the adults privacy now, but are built to be transitioned when the adults need extra care.

In new homes, for example, these suites are incorporated into the floor plans of many of the available models. Those who are renovating their homes may be converting a room or a garage (where the code allows) into a full living space.

3. Eat-in Kitchens

Today’s families want to stay together at home, especially if there are kids. As a result, most modern kitchens are designed to accommodate the dining area within the kitchen. This not only makes it easier for the caretakers to take care of everyone, but also allows the family to spend some time together every day.

4. Accessible Bathrooms

Many elderly people find it more difficult to get in and out of the bathroom without some level of assistance from bars on the walls next to the toilet and roll-in showers. These bathrooms are built in such a way that they are accessible to both children and the elderly.

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