New Trends in Master Bathroom Design

A master bathroom

An In-Home Oasis

A bathroom is more than just a place where you shower and “do your business.” Many busy adults consider their bathroom a place to escape rather than just for more traditional purposes. A well-designed bathroom can make you more relaxed and allow you to take some time for yourself. Here are some of the new trends in master bathroom design that can help you brainstorm just what this special place could be:

Functional Features

Bathing trends have changed, so homebuilders and designers have redefined what the master bathroom should be. Fewer people are taking baths, so some bathroom makeovers eliminate bathtubs altogether, making room for larger shower areas or steam rooms. Glass doors and dividers are being used to contain water and moisture while preserving the area’s visual space and giving the bathroom depth. Some people are adding small, built-in seating areas so they can sit while the bathtub is filling with water or as the shower water pours over them. Adding a window to your shower is a great way to bring in natural light, and it also helps increase ventilation.

Steam Rooms and Saunas

And speaking of steam rooms, they’re another addition that is becoming more popular in the latest new construction and master bathroom redesigns. Homeowners are also adding either a wet or dry sauna because of its health benefits, including clearing out chest congestion, increasing blood flow, and aiding with achieving weight loss and healthier skin. There are a number of companies that provide drop-in sauna solution kits that make them more affordable than building them into a space from scratch. If you have the space in your floor plan, they’re well worth the extra cost.

Wise Color Choices

While the current color trends are leaning toward more white walls and light-colored wooden floors with black fixtures, don’t be afraid to break the rules. After all, it’s your home. Research shows that the colors you have around you can have a significant impact on your mental health.

Hence, it’s important to choose your colors wisely. If you don’t like white walls, don’t select that color. Consider some relaxing shades to create a spa-like atmosphere, which can help you get ready for bed after a long day. Add some decorative elements, such as calming wallpaper, to improve the look and feel of your bathroom. For an extra relaxing effect, incorporate blue or green tones in your color scheme for aquatic colors that mimic the serene waters of a lake or ocean.

Soaking Tubs, Not Bathtubs

If you do decide to include a bathtub in your rebuild, rest assured that the separate shower and bathtub are still the most popular bathroom layout. However, as the showers get larger, the footprint of the bathtub gets smaller. A Houzz bathroom trends study found that the retro freestanding clawfoot tubs are giving way to smaller, flat-bottom soaking tubs. Bathers like these new tubs because they don’t need as much water to fill them up, which means less time and lower water bills.

Innovative Shower Faucets

Technology has been hitting every aspect of our lives, so why should showerheads be any different? Shower faucet makers are figuring out ways to “personalize your shower experience.” Sounds like they hired a marketing team. Anyway, these new faucets don’t just turn the water on and off — they also allow you to regulate your water pressure and temperature with precision in the form of full custom shower systems. One such system from Delta allows you full customization so that you can control the feel of the water pressure without actually using more water.

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A well-designed bathroom can increase the value of your home and make you feel energized to take on each day. Trends for bathrooms have changed over the years. Bathrooms are no longer compact — they are now spacious with amenities that were once reserved for the “ultra rich.” At Freccia Group, we keep up with the latest design trends and technology that help our clients combine the charm of an old home with the conveniences of modern technology. Our design and construction team can walk you through the process during our initial visit, ultimately ensuring you feel comfortable with the final result and everything in between.

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