Four Common Remodeling Mistakes That Turn Your Project Into a Nightmare

DIY builders must know their limitations.

Remodeling is a huge undertaking that, when done right, can make you love your home even more. It’s an opportunity to upgrade your home and make it fit the way you live rather than the other way around. However, mistakes can be frustrating, costly, and downright dangerous, so here’s a list of errors: the earlier you can avoid them, the better.

1. Bad Placement of Electrical Outlets

When it comes to electrical outlets, you won’t regret having one too many options for plugging in appliances—especially in the kitchen, where multiple outlets make cooking, mixing, and blending so much easier. So start planning the placement of electrical outlets early on, especially for appliances that stay plugged in permanently.

For bathrooms, you need outlets for hairdryers, curling irons, rollers, electric shavers, and clippers. A good way to plan for outlets is to stand in the space and walk through your activities, thinking about what you need and what you’re plugging in to get those actions done. While you think you may need just a 2-in-1 outlet, walking through the process may convince you that you need a 4-in-1 that allows you to power more appliances. Doing this also allows your contractor to allocate the correct electrical configuration to accommodate the additional load.

2. Barely Taking Lighting Into Consideration

In addition, you want to make sure that every area in the house receives an adequate amount of lighting to allow for functionality. Apart from introducing natural light into the house, which means more or larger windows, think about recessed lighting in the ceiling, light fixtures around mirrors in the bathrooms, and extra outlets in the walls to plug in lamps. If your home is limited in the number of outlets to plug in lamps, now is the time to add more so you don’t have to run an extension cord along the wall to accommodate the lamp on the side table by the sofa.

Remodeling can alter the structure of your home.

3. Style With Minimum Functionality

Always start your remodeling project by considering the day-to-day use of the space. Some elements are visually stunning, but because they require frequent regular maintenance, the upkeep can become more of an issue than the benefit is worth. For example, you may love dark wood floors, but if you have young children and pets, dark wood will show pet hair and dirt much faster than gray or lighter wood. Wood floors are also not practical in kitchens or bathrooms because of the exposure to moisture. However, there are composite materials that look like wood and can resist water, so you have options. Do your research and decide what’s best for you.

4. Not Hiring Professional Home Remodeling Services in Round Rock, Texas

Hiring a contractor who accepts only cash payments or isn’t bonded and insured is a major mistake that can cost you huge. Do your homework, check references, and get peace of mind knowing that the professionals doing the work are reliable, trustworthy, and capable.

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