Remodeling Commercial Workspaces to Maximize Productivity

Studies have shown that workspaces can either aid or hinder productivity. Now that the country is emerging from COVID-19 restrictions and anticipating getting back to the office, business owners are focusing on their company’s workspaces. They know that an outdated office can stifle creativity, comfort, and productivity.

When you consider remodeling your commercial space, think of it as an investment in better employee morale and efficiency. A functional and updated workspace can help attract top talent and make your team look forward to coming to work.

Here are some remodeling ideas that have been proven to maximize productivity in commercial spaces:

1. Design an Open Floor Layout

An open floor layout helps develop connections among employees. It allows executives and staff members to build work relationships and collaborate more, basically because there’s no-where to “hide.” An open floor layout encourages ad hoc meetings in the hallways or pathways between desks. Get rid of walls that add unnecessary barriers to your workspace so employees don’t feel confined and can work more openly.

2. Allow Natural Light

Even with advanced lighting, there really is no substitute for natural light. A dark, windowless office can make employees feel confined, which makes them unmotivated and uninspired. Invest in windows and glass panels that let in natural sunlight. Strategically planning the remodeling project to make your workspace brighter will boost employee well-being and save you money on your energy bill. You can even take your remodeling to the next level with LEED certifications.


Cool office space with plants

3. Go Green

Your office environment can play a significant role in employee performance. A cost-effective way to make your commercial space more appealing is to add a touch of nature. Populate the space with plants to improve the feel of your office. They will enhance the air quality and make the space feel more welcoming.

4. Create a Break Room

Chances are you already have a break room. But if you don’t, you should know that a break room in your office space gives employees a place to relax, enjoy a snack or meal, take their mind off work, and interact with colleagues. A quick game session or a shared cup of coffee can significantly boost your employees’ morale and productivity. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy indeed.

5. Focus on Aesthetics

Adding personality to the commercial space with interesting décor pieces and modern furniture can create higher productivity. Your employees will appreciate the renovated workspaces with beautiful elements that reinforce your brand’s values. Speak with your contractor to learn about ideas that can improve the aesthetics of your office.

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