Custom New Builds: Where Innovation Meets Comfort in Austin, TX

Custom Home Features in new homes

Many distinctive home design styles are thriving in Austin, TX, causing another trend to rise to the surface — custom-built homes. Also known as new builds, these masterpieces of innovation and comfort are allowing homeowners to build their homes 100% to their style and design preferences.

Austin’s job and population growth over the past decade has resulted in the demand for custom new builds to shoot through the roof. As Austin’s premier luxury home builder and custom project management company, we’re here to help homeowners build the home of their dreams.

Thinking about starting a custom home build of your own? Freccia Group is here to take you through everything you need to know about understanding what new builds are and the must-haves you won’t want to miss when building your new home. 

What Are Custom New Builds?

Custom new builds are custom homes built entirely from the ground up. These projects are accomplished by working with a team of homebuilders, designers, architects and project managers to execute every detail from the design and build-out to the final exquisite finishing touches.

Traditionally, prebuilt homes, also known as production builds, tend to be manufactured in a factory before being shipped to the property to be put together. In other words, prebuilt homes have a similar layout and design to their neighbors since they’re mass-produced.

Custom new builds take a different approach. Instead of copying and pasting a basic house design over and over, custom new builds allow homeowners to have a voice in the design of their homes. From the layout to the materials and appliances installed to small finishing touches, the homeowner is able to curate their space and design their dream home on the lot of land they purchased.

6 Must-Have Innovative Custom Home Features In Austin, TX

When thinking about what custom features you’d like in your home, you’ll probably first think of building out your dream layout. After that, you’ll want to focus on incorporating high-quality materials and installing energy-efficient appliances and technology — features that are tough to get up front in prebuilt homes.
Innovative features that not only address your comfort but also the functionality of your space will make your custom home well worth the time and effort!

1. HVAC Zoning Systems

HVAC system

When it comes to new builds in Austin, having an excellent HVAC system that addresses your exact needs is a big perk of building a custom home. With the harsh and humid summers, a high-quality HVAC system is near the top of the must-have list for many homeowners.

An HVAC system traditionally cycles clean air through your space and also regulates the temperature in your home. HVAC zoning is a way your HVAC system can be set up. Instead of a traditional HVAC setup where you only have one thermostat that controls the entire house, a zoned HVAC system will split your house into separate areas, giving you the ability to customize the temperatures for each space.

The result of HVAC zoning is a more efficient way to heat and cool your home, as you have complete control over the heating and cooling schedule in each area of your house. This modern innovative approach not only saves you money but also makes your custom home more comfortable to live in.

2. Window Technology

Window That Reduces Energy

With lots of Texas sunlight comes great responsibility! We’ve mentioned how windows are an excellent way to personalize your home, but there are a few things you’ll want to limit while achieving the well-lit home of your dreams: UV rays and harsh lighting.

Fortunately, window technology has advanced a lot these past few years! Now, you can get windows that reduce your energy use by blocking out UV rays and keeping the heat out and cool air in (or vice versa depending on your needs).

This technology can increase the comfort and efficiency of your custom home all at the same time.

3. Smart Home Features

Smart Home Features

Another advantage to custom homes is the ability to incorporate smart home features. Features like smart light fixtures, TV controls, security cameras, smart speakers and wireless doorbells provide ease of use, add convenience to your home and make your home as a whole more enjoyable to be in.

Smart security features in particular are growing in popularity. Video doorbell cameras, outside security lighting and alarm systems can all be installed separately from the build of your home but it’ll save you time to have all of this in mind when thinking about the details included in your custom home.

4. Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are popular in custom homes for both their look and functionality. These appliances are considered the gold standard of luxury since they last a long time and look good while doing it.

Many homeowners value an oven and stovetop with a vent hood. This makes the cooking space more comfortable and the air quality healthier while cooking. Induction stovetops are also a popular ask as they contribute towards the energy efficiency of the home.

For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ll be glad to know that working with a homebuilder can ensure that appliances that suit your needs are included in the design of your

5. Fireplace

Fireplace renovations

Whether it’s outside or inside (or both!), a cozy fireplace is classically the focal point of a space. Fireplace renovations rise in popularity over the summer as people begin to prep for the cooler temperatures and the rise in houseguests. However, new builds in Austin have a special perk: the built-in luxury of a fireplace that’s ready to entertain.

Many homeowners use the living room as a place for people to gather, making it even more important to consider how welcoming and comfortable the room feels. Between red brick, painted white brick, stone or more modern fireplace materials, there are so many aesthetics to choose from.

Fireplaces may seem like a traditional home feature but nowadays, they have many customizable and innovative qualities. You choose how you want to incorporate it into your design aesthetic while also customizing the fireplace itself whether it’s actual fire vs. lights.

6. Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connection

It’s all about location in the real estate world and it’s no different when talking about your new build. In this connected world, strong cellphone/internet service and high-speed connection are a must. Did you know that their quality heavily depends upon your home’s location?

Areas without Wi-Fi connection, also known as dead zones, are widely prevalent in different Austin neighborhoods. If you work from home, love to stream or have members of your family who depend on a strong virtual connection, this is something you’ll want to keep in mind when starting out your new build.


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