Incorporating Workspaces in Your New or Renovated Home


Since the pandemic, many businesses around the world have shifted to work-from-home or hybrid models where workers can work both at home and in the office. As this trend becomes more common, many homeowners are incorporating larger workspaces and home offices within their homes.

Home offices—formerly known as studies—are not new. New home buyers are also looking for houses that are larger and more planned so that they can work from home more comfortably without being distracted.

This blog post will discuss why you should incorporate a workspace in your floor plan when building your new home or renovating your old home.

Think About the Space

Now is the time to plan. Think about what you want in your workspace in terms of needs, wants, and desires. Sure, it’d be cool to have a full wall projector screen computer monitor, but is that more important than built-in bookshelves or file cabinets? Think about how you work and what kind of amenities you want within arm’s reach. Certainly, you need desk space with enough room for a chair. A coffee bar would be cool and a small guest bathroom close by would make things more convenient. If you like to work out, make room for a small gym or your Peloton. Now is the time to plan for these extras.

Location, Location, Location

Where you put your workspace is as important as what you put into it. Can you put it close to the kitchen so that you can easily get up and grab a snack during your breaks throughout the day? Having it close to the garage means you’re seconds instead of minutes from jumping into your car to drive to a quick meeting. Should it be overlooking the backyard pool so that you can keep an eye on the kids while they swim during weekends and summer breaks? Having your office near the den or media room may cause a problem when family members are watching a movie or playing video games in the next room. So it’s probably best to locate it far from there.

It’s in Demand

Research shows that most home buyers are now looking for homes that have an in-built workspace too. This isn’t because it’s simply a new trend in housing, but also because most professional adults need them.

If you’re not sure how to go about incorporating a workspace in your home’s floor plan and design, consider hiring the professional designers and builders at Freccia Group. They can show you the latest trends and help you build and situate the best possible workspace within your home.

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