Real estate investing for many happy returns

No doubt, the real estate industry is constantly evolving. And when it comes to Central Texas real estate, you know there are both opportunities and pitfalls. Austin is growing by leaps and bounds as new companies and industries are finding their way to one of the most creative cities in the world at a pace never seen before. Real estate has always been a solid investment as part of a diverse portfolio, but the Austin market seems to make it even more worthwhile.

At Freccia Group, we’re looking for investors to partner with us on projects that typically see a 12-26-week turnaround. This includes home renovation projects, new home builds, multifamily projects, and, eventually, mixed-use and commercial real estate projects all within the Central Texas area. Our goal is to become one of the premier real estate companies in Austin. But we need investors like you.

What’s the difference between investing in residential vs. commercial real estate?


While many companies look for rental properties to become the focus of their residential real estate investment portfolio, we’re focusing on projects where we can renovate, develop, and/or build new construction homes on a piece of property. We love distressed properties where we can either renovate an existing home or tear down and rebuild a home in its place. Since we have our own design and construction team in place, these projects are extremely attractive; most homebuyers don’t want to be troubled with a teardown or extensive renovation project.


From a Freccia Group perspective, commercial real estate means office, retail, and industrial—any real estate used for business. We see tremendous opportunity in developing mixed-use properties that include retail, office, and residential all in the same project.

Our commercial real estate focus will be more on developing these properties and either managing them for 5-10-year lease contracts or selling them outright—whatever makes the most sense to us and our investor partners. We make sure our investors understand that commercial real estate projects can be high risk and there is no guarantee of any return, but the rewards can be significant.

Invest with Freccia Group

At Freccia Group, we are also focusing our residential projects exclusively in the Central Texas area generally and Austin specifically. Austin for years has been somewhat recession-proof with its diverse economy. That means most properties—at least from a land standpoint—have increased in value over the years. In our case, we look for those properties with distressed structures, improve on the land, and sell at a higher price. It’s really that simple.