Reimagining the New Office Space Post Pandemic

employees touching elbows to greet each other in the workplace

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing guidelines, the emphasis in workplace design was on helping people thrive and be more productive at work. Post pandemic, the focus of workplace design has shifted somewhat to accommodate creativity and productivity still, but also the evolving way people are working now.

Let’s take a look at some new planning and design principles that are transforming office spaces as we know them.

Easy and Breezy

According to public health officials, ventilation is the key to preventing the spread of infectious particles. Even cracking open a small window can dilute their concentration and bring in fresh air. That said, most American buildings require tight seals to maximize energy efficiency. Already, engineers are looking into window designs that create a mechanical heat-exchange system, allowing outside air to be optimized for temperature and filtered for air quality as it enters the building.

More Handwashing Stations

Frequent handwashing has been cited as the easiest way to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. Many office buildings will now have hand sanitizer dispensers and contained handwashing stations installed permanently and seamlessly in various areas, especially shared spaces and high-traffic areas. This will allow employees and visitors to ensure that their hands remain germ-free without disrupting regular activities.

Open Office Plans

 employees social distancing at work

Open plan facilities with exposed airflow systems are not new, but variations of them may be. Instead of hard-walled rooms where you likely come in contact with more surfaces, large open spaces with desks placed at a safe distance from each other are trending. Open spaces serve a few purposes:

  • To create more collaboration among people within a larger area. Opens spaces foster interaction and chance encounters.
  • Open concepts allow air to flow better so that HVAC systems work more efficiently.
  • Open concepts allow natural light to reach more area, cutting down on electricity usage. These spaces also allow for more greenery inside offices that can both clean the air and foster a friendlier atmosphere.

Less Surface Contact

Along with fewer doors, you can also expect doors to be equipped with sensors that slide open when someone approaches them. This can help minimize contact with door handles. To further reduce surface contact, workplaces will likely adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, where employees bring their own laptops instead of working on office PCs.

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