The Steps to Get the Most out of Your Home Renovation Project

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A home renovation project is an ambitious undertaking. You need to plan ahead of time to get the details right; plus, your renovation has to match the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Our home remodeling contractors in Round Rock, Texas, can help you execute a home renovation that will make you love your home all over again.

Here are all the steps to getting the most out of your home renovation project:

1. Planning is everything

The success of your home renovation project depends largely on how well you do your research. Every home remodeling project requires extensive planning, from design to build. The professionals at Freccia Group follow a six-step process that includes:

1. Vision consultation: We discuss the scope of your project and timeline.

2. Architectural design: We bring the architects and construction managers to design the room—whether we’re adding a room or renovating one—you want.

3. City permitting: We submit our designs and plans to the city for approval, making sure we comply with all local codes and zoning.

4. Crafted construction: We break ground (if need be) and start construction.

5. Finish: When construction is complete, we finish up any small details that remain.

2. Let natural light in

One of the easiest ways to make a huge difference in any home renovation project is to include ways to let natural light into your home. Features like large windows let in natural light and brighten up the home. Plus, if you select energy-efficient windows, they can actually save you money on your utilities.

Talk to your remodeling contractor about the best ways to let natural light enter the home. High ceilings, skylights, and French windows can help you increase the flow of sunlight into the home. Plus, more natural light makes rooms feel more spacious.

3. Put down hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a great way to add an elegant and timeless touch to a room. Whether renovating your living room or a bedroom, hardwood flooring lasts long, costs very little to maintain, and complements interior design themes. It used to be that hardwood floors were great for any room except the kitchen and bathrooms, but with new technology, there are floors that look just like wood but are made with durable composite substrates or tile. Both options give you the look and feel of wood but the durability and water-resistant quality of tile.

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Hire our home remodeling contractors in Round Rock, Texas, for kitchen and bathroom remodeling

At Freccia Group, our home renovation projects are centered around your personal preferences—you could say that we build around you! We also promise a home remodeling job that is built with quality, on time, and on budget. Our home remodeling contractors in Round Rock, Texas, have designed beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces for Austin-area homeowners for years.

From kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling to building patios and decks, there’s no part of a house that we can’t transform into a stunning new living space. You can contact us on our website to discuss your ideas for home renovation in Round Rock, Texas.

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