How to Transform Your Back Porch Into a Beautiful Patio and Deck

Outdoor patio living space

A patio is a great addition to any home. It’s the perfect place to hold barbecues during the spring and summer, and during the colder months you can still get together with friends with the help of a heater and cozy blankets. If your house has a back porch that you’d like to convert into a beautiful patio and deck—also known as an outdoor living space—our home renovation experts in Round Rock, Texas, can make it happen.

Patio covers

The weather in Central Texas can be brutal—scorching heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. A covered patio allows you to entertain outside so that your guests aren’t getting sunburned in the summer or freezing their butts off in the winter. Patio covers can be as simple as a lattice cover that provides shade during certain times of the day to solid covers that feel like they are an integrated part of your home. A lot of homeowners will incorporate lighting and ceiling fans to control the mood and environment. Talk to our remodeling contractor in Round Rock, Texas, about your idea for a patio cover and how it can be part of your outdoor space.

Add entertainment

Since you’re going to spend time on your new patio, it should be equipped with the technology  that will enable you to enjoy watching sports and listening to music. The time to install a sound system is in the early stages so that you can hide wires and build cabinets for your electronics. Installing plugs in the ceiling is a good call so that televisions can be installed and plugged in easily.

Heat and air

Fire pit, patio, and paver connection in Houston, TX
Fire pit, patio, and paver connection in Houston, TX

We mentioned ceiling fans earlier, which are a must-have in the Austin area. Having air circulate in the shade will definitely keep you comfortable—especially in the evenings when things cool down. If you want to go a step further, misting systems are also a great addition, using evaporating water to keep the patio cooler. For the winter months, wall-mounted patio heaters are a great addition because they’re convenient, they save room in the living space, and you don’t have to worry about storage as you would with freestanding heaters. And if you have the space, nothing beats a fire pit to keep you warm. Fire pits can be wood burning (where allowed) or fueled by propane. Either way, they provide a warm area to gather around when the weather turns cold.

Talk to your remodeling contractor in Round Rock, Texas, if you want to discuss options to make your patio more comfortable.

Outdoor kitchen

If you like entertaining outside, no patio is complete without an outdoor kitchen. Today’s outdoor kitchens are complete with grills, smokers, sinks, and a couple of refrigerators—one for your ingredients and the other for cold beverages. With an outdoor kitchen, your patio expansion and enhancement are complete.

Hire our home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas, to transform your back porch into a brand-new patio and deck


If you want to change your porch into an outdoor living space that’s perfect for all seasons, contact our team of home remodeling experts in Round Rock, Texas. At Freccia Group, we’re a commercial and residential construction company with years of experience in all forms of remodeling, from patio conversions to new home construction. Whether you need your bathroom or kitchen remodeled or just need to update a few things with new paint and repairs, call our remodeling contractor in Round Rock, Texas, for more information.

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