Real estate purchasing that’s a win-win

To sell your home or Invest-to-SellTM? Which strategy is better?

You’ve seen the ads—the ones with real estate investors or investment companies offering to buy your home for cash. But there’s a reason you’re looking to sell quickly, and many of these investors know that they can take advantage of people during a rough period in their lives.

That’s not Freccia Group.

We’re a new kind of real estate company. We promise to give you a great offer for your home to purchase it outright or we can explore Invest-to-Sell.

What is Invest-to-SellTM?

The Central Texas real estate market is hot, but your home may not be ready for prime time, so it likely won’t fetch top dollar on the local market. Besides purchasing homes outright, Freccia Group is also looking for homeowners who own a property that may need work. It may be older and neglected—a common condition with properties that are part of a family estate. If you’re not anxious to sell and have a little more time and patience, turning your property into an investment partnership with Freccia Group could make sense.

We call it Invest-to-SellTM.

Under this arrangement, we sign a binding contract wherein you retain ownership of your property, we finance and perform the necessary updates to make it more marketable, and then we both profit from the added-value sale. You turn a standard residential real estate sell into an investment opportunity that hopefully returns more than you would have gotten selling your home as is.

Or sell us your home outright

If you don’t have the time or resources to partner with us in Invest-to-Sell, we can purchase your property outright. We think you’ll like dealing with Freccia Group’s real estate professionals.

We promise:

  1. Top-dollar offers
    Even though 91% of homeowners list their home with a real estate agent, it’s not for everyone—especially if you’ve encountered a financial crisis. When you sell to Freccia Group, to help you move on quickly, we’ll give you the best price based upon the condition, the location, and the market.
  2. As-is purchases
    One of the most time-consuming tasks when you decide to sell your home is fixing it up and getting it market-ready. With Freccia Group, you don’t need to invest the time or money to impress us. We’ll buy your home just the way it is, and we’ll give you the best price.
  3. No contingency clauses
    When we place a formal offer on your home, you don’t have to worry about disadvantageous contingency or “back out” clauses. Here are a few clauses that you may encounter trying to sell your home the conventional way:

    • Time Frame: These clauses can allow the buyer to back out of a deal if the buyer’s home sells within a certain time frame. With Freccia Group, that’s not a factor.
    • Major Repair: Another clause could make the offer contingent on the foundation’s condition or other major repairs. Our formal offer will factor in repairs so that it doesn’t hold up the transaction.
    • Loan Approval: Finally, the most popular contingency clause allows the buyer to back out of the offer if the bank or mortgage lender does not approve the buyer’s loan. Since the Freccia Group pays cash, we don’t have to wait for lender approval.
  4. Fast transactions
    Compared to the traditional methods of selling your home, selling to Freccia Group is faster because you don’t have to:

    • Spend time preparing your home for sale.
    • Keep your home clean and tidy so that it’s ready for property showings.
    • Pay for expensive photographs or videos to market it.
    • Wait for or pay for the inspection.
    • Pay for costly repairs.
    • Wait for lending approvals.

At Freccia Group, we never forget that there’s a reason you’re considering selling a distressed property. We’re sensitive to your situation, and that’s why we offer two great options that help you either sell for a fair price or allow you to partner with us and sell for more than what you would get with a cash offer.