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Four Common Remodeling Mistakes That Turn Your Project Into a Nightmare

Remodeling is a huge undertaking that, when done right, can make you love your home even more. It’s an opportunity to upgrade your home and make it fit the way you live rather than the other way around. However, mistakes can be frustrating, costly, and downright dangerous, so here’s a list of errors: the earlier you can avoid them, the better.

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Why Upgrading Your Insulation During Remodeling Is a Great Idea

While Texas typically doesn’t have very harsh winters, the summer season can be scorching and humid.

And since climate and weather can vary a great deal, it’s best to ensure that your home is well equipped to deal with the extreme temperatures.

Moreover, inadequate insulation means your utility bills are probably higher than they should be. And this alone is a great reason to replace your insulation during a home renovation.

How Does Home Insulation Work?

Basically, insulation works by trapping air molecules and keeping them from escaping the structural boundaries of your home.

As you probably know, heat is mainly transferred through three processes: convection, conduction, and radiation. While insulation can’t wholly halt heat transfer from your house, it can slow it down by reducing conduction, convection, and radiation.

Different Types of Insulation

Ceiling showing foam insulation
Ceiling showing foam insulation

There are many types of insulation options that all have both benefits and drawbacks. They have different costs and distinct applications, and some are more effective than others. They each have different R-values, which tells you the difference between the warmer temperature and cooler surface on each side the insulation material measuring the conductive flow of heat. The higher the R-value, the more resistant to heat the insulation is.

Minimum recommended home insulation R-values can range from R-13 for walls to R-60 for attics. Since attics are where both heat and cold escape, they need higher R-values to keep the home comfortable. And, depending upon where you live, the more extreme your area’s temperature—whether it’s hot or cold–the more material it takes to achieve an effective R-value.

Here is a list of the most common insulation materials ranked by lowest R-value to highest:

  • Blown-in (or loose-fill) insulation
  • Insulation blankets which include batts and rolls
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Foam board insulation

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular insulation materials in Round Rock homes.


Fiberglass is the most commonly used and most affordable type of insulation in Central Texas home. It’s made up of glass fibers that are extremely fine and are blown in (also known as loose fill) or spun to form rolls, batt insulation, or boards. Blown-in insulation is made up of loose fiberglass or foam material that’s blown into the space, and it’s perfect for adding a layer to your attic when you already have a layer that has compressed over time. Insulation rolls are used in new construction in walls but can also be added to attics. Batt insulation is similar to rolls, but they come in long sheets.

Since it’s a risky material to work with, it’s best to wear protective gear when installing it or maybe just let the experts handle it.


Cellulose insulation is highly underrated if you ask us. It’s perfect for building cavities and for restricting airflow. Moreover, some types are even fire- and insect-resistant, making them perfect insulation options for homes.

Also, since they don’t require any added moisture barrier, they work well for both old and new homes.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation in liquid form is mostly sprayed and at times poured or injected and helps to fill all spaces. It may cost more, but it has a higher R-value and saves you from other pricey processes like caulking, for instance.

Spray foam isolation can also be open-cell or closed-cell and is typically used for walls, below roofs, and under the floors.

Why Make Insulation a Priority During the Remodeling Process

Not only would proper insulation make your home more comfortable, but it would also help you save on unnecessary heating and cooling costs.

In fact, we usually advise our clients to upgrade their insulation during home remodeling projects since the walls are likely to be opened anyway.

If you have any questions about what insulation could be right for your home, give us a call.

We’re home remodeling experts in Round Rock, TX, and can help you upgrade your home’s energy efficiency with our home remodeling services.

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3 Ways to Remodel a House to Make It Look More Spacious

If you’ve finally decided to go ahead with the home renovation you’ve been planning for years, it only makes sense to make the most of it.

Typically, the homes we buy or build are largely based on our present needs. Over time, our requirements change, and often, the space requirements are no longer the same, given that families grow.

So, if you’re remodeling your house, it’s best to plan ahead and maximize space.

And of course, while adding a few extra square feet would be ideal, it may not be an option for many. So, here are some ways you can still create space or at least an illusion of it.

Bring in the Patio

One of the simplest ways to add more space to your interiors is to make your exteriors a part of the house.

While, of course, a porch or a patio is part of the floor plan, they are exterior spaces with limited uses. You can expand the house and make these spaces more functional by enclosing them.

For instance, you could use them as an extra entertaining space or completely cover them to create a home office at the side of the house—the possibilities are endless! You could also just install bifold doors to open up the space and merge the interior spaces with your patio whenever you need to.

Get Rid of Some Interior Walls

a kitchen-dining area open design

Interior walls are meant to divide large indoor spaces into smaller ones. So, it makes sense to remove them if the small spaces are beginning to feel too small.

While, of course, the bedrooms require privacy, we suggest removing the interior walls between the kitchen, living room, dining area, and other shared spaces. This would give you a large open space that you can decorate and design smartly to maximize space.

Even if you decide to keep the room furniture in exactly the same spot, eliminating walls can transform multiple rooms into one larger space.

Utilize the Vertical Space

While most of us think about adding more horizontal space, we often overlook the vertical space we already have.

If you have taller walls, you can utilize them for storage. And in some cases, you could even consider building lofts if you have the space. This would open up your floor space, giving it a more spacious look overall.

If you’re not quite sure how to go about this, reach out to the renovation design experts at Freccia Group.

We’re remodeling contractors in Round Rock, TX, and can help you with our home remodeling services.

Call us for more information on how to get started.


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